Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Clipse ft. Rick Ross "I'm Good (remix)" Music Video

A few thoughts on Clipse' just released video for their remixed new single, "I'm Good":

1. It is a complete travesty that Clipse have yet to attain the level of success that they obviously deserve.

2. That, of course, doesn't matter at all.

3. Though the original version was pretty great, this version featuring Rick Ross is actually better. Better flows, better rhymes, and Rick Ross actually adds something worthwhile to the song. Could it be? Has Rick Ross become...a good emcee?!

4. The video is literally chock-full of excess; shark tanks, glasses of champagne, shiny Lambos, guns being used as paperweights for wads of 100s, Close-up after close-up on an assortment of iced-out watches and chains, and Rick Ross lighting up blunt after blunt after blunt are just some of the wonderful images to be found here. Yet somehow they've managed to be unabashedly cliche while at the same time balancing that with a certain realism that's actually quite effective. The club scenes look kinda real and the excess seems quite geniune and almost...heartfelt?

5. Do not sleep on "Til The Casket Drops", set for release on December 8th!

Clipse ft. Rick Ross "I'm Good (remix)"

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