Monday, January 21, 2008

Poor Amy...

So pictures have emerged from the British press showing Amy Winehouse smoking crack and snorting ecstacy and cocaine at a party over the weekend. I'm not gonna post the pictures because's just sad. This is one of a few artists that have truly inspired me in a profound way. Listening and connecting with music is a very spiritual thing for me, and to see an artist with whom I've had a genuine connection musically wasting away like this is so very sad. The following is a performance Amy Winehouse did at last year's SXSW festival. It is considered by many to be her star-making performance; it was one of the first times the American press had gotten a chance to see her perform live. This is easily her most powerful performance of Back to Black, before marrying her shithead husband, and probably before the heavy drugs. She blew them away.

Get Well Amy!

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Taijoo said...

aww poor amy! she deserves better than that. she has horrible friends!